SILK SCREENING-Good for gifting and learning!

My sister Chel made these killer hilarious tea towels for me and my other sister Jen this Christmas. They are so Chel and totally random that it makes me love them so many times with every use. She made them on the fly at PEACH BESERK here in Toronto. The filming location of both the Glitter Pie: POM POM and CORSAGE DIY videos. Kingi has owned and operated it for years and years---she and the location are dripping with undone-done creativity and style. I have taken her workshops before to learn how to silk screen---which has served me well over the years. I tell you: the studio and the lessons are out there-COOL! ONE OF A KIND. An experience you will remember for a long time with silk screened take-aways you made yourself with your new skills and designs!
To get a sneak peak of the location and the outrageous styles you are in for- go to YouTube and search (MSGLITTERPIE) and see for yourself! CHECK IT OUT!

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