Find the workshop in your heart

You hear it everywhere:
"Find your bliss"
"Do what you love"
But what does that mean for you?
What needs to happen in your mind and in your life to make that possible?
Deep in a quiet neighbourhood a couple of hours outside of Toronto---i found something:
This mini house on the property of the home i was staying. A tricked out work shed of man-like dreams. Years were poured on the shelves by way of old cans filed with tools and screws. Every last article organized and homes made for each piece of equipment.
This space created after years of dabbling. Now a fully functioning workroom for jobs and dreams coming true. Someone owned their bliss, their skill. Made a little home for it and watched the jobs come pouring in.
I was inspired.
Build your workshop---whatever that may be.
Your life will be inspiring.

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