My Story of Palaimon

During a stretch at the Canadian Toy Show i met Bill Lukewich. He is the man who embodies the term 'Consider it Done'. He took one look at my hand-packed box and exclaimed that "...the ladies who hand-assemble for me would just love this......". I filed away that comment using my favorite word 'LOVE' and remembered Palaimon Solutions. When things really got heated up in the supply and demand department for Glitter Pie's art studio in a box, i knew i had to move things into a bigger space.

I have spent the past week with such an amazing group of new friends. We have been prepping the goods to hand-pack the next lot of our box and it has been so wonderful to have a group of dedicated hands on this. Kimmy, Loretta, Mae, Bobber, Geoff, Linda and Bill have all stepped in to make this happen on a tight time frame. Bill and Bob are brothers who are so hilarious and truly amazingly wonderful people who love themselves the golf. I would ride around the facility on a tricycle to make Kimmy laugh cause it is so great to hear that kind of giggle and her dedication to this project makes me weepy. Loretta's love story is so inspiring i keep prying for more details cause her life is so beautiful. Mae is the sweetest thing you have seen and her chop stick skills with the feather stuffing in worth a YouTube video. Linda sweeps in with timely quick hands and outbursts of song while we listen to the 70's. Geoff is sick of me asking him to cut things on the big cutter----but i am just so intrigued....he did all of the secret messages in 15 minutes! What an adventure!

By mid next week we will have another 1000 of our beauties packed and ready for the shipping. I wanna hug Bill everyday for taking on this project and being so amazing and helpful during this process. They were voted Small business of the year...and i know why. If you need anything done, printed, designed, stored, assembled, packed, ANYTHING.....www.palaimon.com. These people are the best! XO

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