Happiest Mother's Day

This note of love goes out to ALL the Moms.
All of the Moms who do what they do and say what they say and GIVE day after day.

I have the best Mom.
She inspired me to ACTUALLY believe in my dreams.
She allowed me the chance to be who I wanted to be and loved me enough for 100 people along the way.
She made me and my sisters appreciate each other in ways that swell the soul.

My older sister had a baby and she is now a Mom.
This is my happiest Mother's Day because not only did my Mom raise us with her magic, but she passed it down to my sister.
My sister is now a wonder filled Mom--sure to bring light and joy in the world in the way my Mom inspired us to do.

Thank you Mom. I love you more than i could ever say.

This picture is of my Mom and Jen on Jen's Wedding Day. Another one of the happiest days of my life.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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