Glitter Pie Charm Bracelet

Hi I'm Tracey Fisher visiting from my blog, helana and ali. I met Tiffany when she ran her magical classes from her studio in my 'hood. My daughters were hooked and we all - Loved The Pie! Tiffany and I have kept in touch over the years and when she asked me to guest post on her blog, I was tickled pink. A glittered pink of course.

In honour of Tiffany's love of all that glitters, I wanted to come up with a project that would fit right in here on her blog. So was born ... the glittered pie charm bracelet.

I have always crafted with my daughters and I hope I always will. However, I will tell you now at the teenage years ... crafting with mom is not on the top of their list. You need to find something appealing. I find "baking baked goods " with polymer clay to be universally fun. In other words it works with the young kids on a very basic level and it is endless fun for older kids ( or in my case older mothers !) - as it is very satisfying to create small little baked goods to wear as a necklace, ring, bracelet etc... hours (and I mean hours) can be eaten up creating these little lovelies.

First off - our bible of polymer clay goodness - the polymer clay cookbook. Pages and pages of inspiration and very, very good information. Written by two sisters - another point I like to drive home with my daughters :)


In this case I used polymer clay (you can use any brand - fimo, sculpey etc.) in the colours of pie I wished to make and found matching glitter.
The pie shell is made from a gold coloured clay with flecks of glitter in it (didn't plan that but hey it works!)
I have a few tools now to create different effects but really you could use a dinner knife for most of this.
I went to the local bead shop and picked up supplies for bracelets including hoop rings, chain and clasps.
I used beading pins in my pieces of pie and later after baking I cut and twisted those to make each charm.

Steps to make a pie...

1 After gathering my supplies I made small disks of my pie shell flattened to 1.5 inches in diameter and 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick.

2 In the middle of the flattened shell I added a small ball of glittered pie stuffing.

3 I brought up the sides of the shell and rolled it on its side to make a pie shape.

4 I then added a narrow rolled strip of "pie shell" to make the edging of my pie and pressed it to the pie edge. With a clay tool (you could use a dinner knife) I made tiny indentations around the pie edge just like a real pie.

Once the pie is made you can then "slice" your pieces of pie. I added extra glitter on the sides of the slices to finish off each slice. You are almost ready to "bake" your pie slices.

I am not a jeweler, so some of you may have a better way to do this but, I added a beading pin into each slice, before baking my pie slices according to the directions on the package of polymer clay.

After baking, I added a small silver bead to each charm, cut the wire down to about 1/2 an inch from the pie and twisted the end and clamped it into a ring so it could be attached to the bracelet. (The book has excellent directions on how to do this)

Finally, I added the glittered pie slices to the bracelet and it is ready for Tiffany to wear.

Tiffany, when you see a little box at your door, you know who it's from!

Thank you Tiffany for letting me visit your blog ... I will see you all next time!

xoxo Tracey


  1. Oh those are just the cutest little pies! :)I have yet to try out polymer clay, keep spotting it in the craft store......one of these days I'll have a go I'm sure.

  2. Fun and very cute. Thank you for sharing this with us (happy to find you via byw)!

  3. Very clever. What a cute idea my granddaughters will love this project!

  4. Nice guest post indeed! I really have to try guest posting too. And P.S. I'd like to eat those little pies:-))