Ms. Pie and Wonder together again!

Wonder here.

The lady is back and today was the magical day that her and I were reunited! We had a little meeting and belated birthday celebration with cakes, foods, gifts and a little catch up on life.
Ms Pie was gone a good chunk of the summer and september october working in the US of A, so there is a lot to catch you up on. So watch your inboxs, facebook, twitter and this blog for all things new.

and lpk cakes! vegan gluten-free deliciousness!

gifts that the lady gave me. check out this adorned box, by the one and only Pie! preloved stockings to die for! an preloved apron! and a book for all my creative doodles. spoiled rotton this one. if you have never been to preloved check it out!

reunited at last!

peace and love.

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