Hello my name is Wonder

Hello world of Pie lovers.

I am going to tell you a short love story. Mostly told by photos, as long as my ramblings don't go too out of control. Before I get to that, I need to properly introduce myself, as I am a guest here on the blog. Surprise!

My name is Wonder, and well... my real name isn't actually wonder, but it might as well be. I am the graphic designer behind the scenes lady of Glitter Pie, whom makes all of Tiffany's dreams come true. I got the name Wonder from the lady herself, for this very reason. I'm here today and for the next bit as Ms. Pie herself is off being busy doing arty and important things. Thus here I am, filling her rather large glittering shoes with a story, or two as well some lovely inspirations and perhaps play some catch up.

Now that we've been properly introduced, back to the short love story, its the story of me and the Missus herself. This story is by no means short however, to keep your attention, I will give you the pint-size version. Many moons ago, the lady and I met by fluke. Our eyes met across a glowing Apple screen, and we just clicked. Since that fateful day years ago, we have been thick as thieves. I've been here since the near dawn of Glitter Pie. From the studio store front that was on Queen Street East, to its evolution into Glitter Pie Art, that wraps up all that is artful into a neat little package runs the roads, designing, consulting, and crafting on air.

So that's the short and sweet of it. Tiffany is an absolute gem and I am beyond lucky for having met her.

So here are some things I love today. Hope you find something that warms your heart, or tickles your fancy.

Somewhere I would like to lay my head. I have a love for mixed patterns and living simply.

I've sort have been on Ms. Pie's case to get a pup. She wants another ween one day, and she wants to name it Clemintine. Arn't these little nuggets sweet?

One day I will be wedded outside to a strapping young gent... Lady Pie will be my first hand lady when it comes to decor. She's a decorating master mind for hire!

We are a healthy eating pair. First love in the kitchen. Avocado!

Last and not least my collection of ASiaB. These are just the ones that hit the shelves. I am sure I have a few proto-types tucked away. Perhaps I'll let you take a gander later this week!

Until then. Happy Wednesday.
Peace. Love. Art.


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