Ruby, one of my former Glitter Pie Art studio die hards/veterans invited me to her house for breakfast by written letter. This letter was photographed by her Mom Laurie and sent via-mail. I could not resist the invite when my named was spelled Tifhany. Ruby is now 5, but i met her when she just turned 3. We have had so much time together in the past creating at the studio that our visit was like old friends just picking up where we left off. Santa brought her a Judy for Christmas so we styled her mermaid dress with some scrap fabrics i brought along. She cut a paper bag princess costume for Halloween (perfect timing in April) while Laurie poached perfect eggs and Lee watched. Alice (Ruby's little sis) was blowing up the living room while i took some shots of the visually delicious morning i had in their new kitchen. Lee is the famous Glitter Pie Media king. He filmed my tooth fairy video on YouTube (Flash Frame Digital Media) and has documentary footage of Glitter Pie and the studio in full flourish. I love these people. They are so chill and natural as a couple and as parents. I am always inspired. Thank you Dudes, it was delicious. XO

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